Hi all,

We have a bunch of updates to share:

  1. From May onwards Hongyi Chen will be joining our lab; for updates see people.
  2. Two papers that were accepted already can  now be found online; find our paper on behavioral vs. personality measures to predict persuasive outcomes here: http://www.emeraldinsight.com/toc/jcm/0/ja, and find our (pretty awesome) paper on automated adaptive selling here http://www.emeraldinsight.com/toc/ejm/0/0.
  3. On March 15th we have Robert Neal visiting at JADS. Robert is Principal Software Engineer on Experimentation and Analytics Platform at Udemy  and will be talking about (Bayesian) methods for large scale experimentation. (see meetup group).
  4. Last Tuesday we had a great presentation by Robin van Emden on the new package contextual (see our labs GitHub); You can find the slides here: http://www.robinvanemden.dds.nl/rdevslides/).
  5. Over the last week we had the honor of having Dean Eckles visit our lab. It was a great time (including some skiing); for more on Deans work see http://www.deaneckles.com.

Finally, we have updated our project description page.

Inaugural speech

This Friday I had the great honor to be able to provide my inaugural speech at JADS. Thanks to the whole team at JADS the event was a great success. And, the venue looked great:

For those interested, please see the full text of the speech here:

Kaptein, M.C. (2018) Computational Personalization: Data science methods for personalized health. Inaugural Address at the University of Tilburg / JADS Den Bosch.

Additionally, here are my slides, and [1][2][3][4] are the snippets of [R] code I used to run the simulations presented in the talk. Do contact me if you have any questions.



Paper accepted, grants, and software

Hi all,

We are happy to announce that the paper “Automated Adaptive Selling” by prof. dr. M.C. Kaptein, prof. dr. Petri Parvinen, and prof. dr. Rick McFarland was accepted for publication at the European Journal of Marketing. We will be posting a pre-print of the paper here as soon as it is available, but do contact us if you are interested in receiving a copy directly. The paper describes tree (large-scale) field evaluations of the effect of automatically adapting, at the individual level, influence strategies in e-commerce. The paper present both the empirical evaluation, as well as extensive simulations showing the effectiveness of the algorithms used.

Next, we are proud to say that Xynthia Kavelaars her research proposal with NWO has progressed into the next round; congratulations to Xynthia!

Finally, we would like to share some of the new software projects we are working on (see https://github.com/Nth-iteration-labs). Primarily, see the “contextual” repository for a great [R] package by Robin van Emden created to perform evaluations of bandit policies.

That’s it for now, enjoy the holiday!




A few updates:

    1. We are very proud to be hosting a health-data science meetup at JADS: see for updates on our events and activities: https://medium.com/data-science-backchannel
    2. We are proud to announce that Bas Willemse is starting his PhD project at the computational personalization group at JADS; welcome Bas!
    3. We have updated some of our software downloads. Have a look around.


We are hiring!

We are looking for 2 motivated (and able) PhD students to join our lab on two great projects:

  1. First, we have a great project in collaboration with TiSEM; Its a project funded by the Tilburg Data Science Center investigating dynamic sequential learning approaches to combat customer churn. For a detailed descriptions see TiSEM-TSB-DynamicChurnModeling.
  2. Second, we have a project at JADS Den Bosch; within the Computational Personalization group (Theme: Data & Humans) we are looking for a candidate to further explore methods of causal inference in large datasets with applications in clinical practice. For a description see: JADS-CausalDataScience.

If you are interested (or have any questions), please send an email to m.c.kaptein@uvt.nl.

Visit MIT

Hi all,

I just had a great time visiting Prof. Dr. Dean Eckles at MIT; I attended ACM-EC (a great conference), and Dean and I discussed a lot of ongoing work (causality, habits, indirect inference, and much more). Looking forward to more collaborations. Here is a picture of Boston taken from the MIT Sloan building:

Note that we have also been doing a lot of software development:

  1. We presented UltimateSim (simulations of the Ultimatum game) during ACM-EC; see: https://github.com/Nth-iteration-labs/ultimatesim
  2. We are currently working on a total overhaul of StreamingBandit, making it easier to use, more scalable, etc. For progress see: https://github.com/Nth-iteration-labs/streamingbandit
  3. Finally, we are wrapping up a package for the online (row-by-row) estimation of hierarchical models. Hope to finalize the package soon, but see progress here: https://github.com/L-Ippel/SEMA_extended

That’s it for now; we wish all of you a great summer!

Site changes and physical lab


We did a few updates of our site; primarily updating the projects section. We are now fully emerged with the JADS institute (www.jads.nl) as one of the research labs; so do expect more projects and updates soon!

But, that means you should feel free to come and visit us!



Hi all,

We have a number of cool updates. First of all, we are happy to share the posters we will be presenting shortly at http://www.sigecom.org/ec17/index.html:

  1. Poster on Bootstrap Thompson Sampling (Eckles & Kaptein) – check it out here.
  2. Poster on Ultimatum Game Simulations (Kaptein) – check it out here.

Next, we are proud to present that our work on comparing operative vs. meta-judgmental measures for prediction of customer responses to persuasive messages was accepted at the Journal of Consumer Marketing (JCM). It will be in print soon, but you can find an author copy here.

Finally, I am proud to introduce two new PhD students: Xynthia Kavelaars will be working with Joris Mulder and Maurits Kaptein on a PhD project regarding Bayesian Adaptive Clinical trials, and Ylva Hendriks will be working on a joint project with Sebastiaan Peek and Prof. Inge Bongers on personalizing eHealth applications.