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Poster presentations at ACM-EC 17

We are happy to announce that we will be presenting two posters at http://www.sigecom.org/ec17/.

  1. First, a poster on Bootstrap Thompson Sampling; see https://arxiv.org/abs/1410.4009 (together with Dean Eckles).
  2. A poster on agent based simulations. See: https://github.com/Nth-iteration-labs/ultimatesim

Looking forward to meeting people at MIT!

Picasso Pilot

Hi All,

We are piloting a new study; have a look at: https://survey.mnds.org/content/survey-picasso-2017

Any feedback is well-appreciated!


We are hiring!

Hi All,

We are hiring! I am involved in a number of PhD projects for which we are still looking for good candidates. First, check out the vacancies for the “Data science & Humans” research track at JADS:


Next, at Tilburg University I am involved in two exciting projects. Frist, we are looking for applicants for a project on adaptive Bayesian clinical trials:


Second, we are looking for candidates for a great position focussed on investigating the effects of e-health interventions:


Please do apply if you are interested!

Plos ONE publication and hiring

Hi All,

I am delighted to share the fact that today PLOS ONE will publish our new work on Lock-in feedback. Its called:

“Uncovering noisy social signals: using optimization methods from experimental physics to study social phenomena”

and its pretty cool! Here is an author copy of the work.

Also, note that we are hiring a number of PhD students for diverse projects (adaptive clinical trials, sequential decision making, human-computer bandit problems, etc.). If you are looking for a PhD position please do let us know (by sending a mail to maurits [at] maurits kaptein [dot] com).


JADS, course, and some other updates


I wanted to share with you the JADS seminar series that Linnet Taylor and I are organizing together. Every week, during lunch on Tuesday, we house a seminar at JADS. Here are a few of the talks: http://www.jads.nl/jads-seminars.html. The seminars are free to attend, and we have a great lunch so feel free to drop by if you see an interesting topic!

Also, we have just started teaching a new data mining course. You can find more information here.

Finally, we are still awaiting a number of reviews on recent submission; I will share these as soon as we know more.

For now, that’s it!



Presentation and Demo

Robin van Emden, Davide Iannuzzi, and I just presented some of our work on lock-in feedback at Physics@Veldhoven. Here are a few pictures. First, the poster:


And second, our demo setup, with two “Heroes of Physics”:


For a more elaborate description of the setup check out: http://pavlov.tech/2017/01/21/flappy/


oFMLR package on Github


We just released a new version of the oFMLR package for fitting (finite) mixtures of logistic regression in data streams. You can find the code here: https://github.com/MKaptein/ofmlr.

It is very easy to use:


suffices to get started.

Have fun, and let us know if anything does not work. Note that a publication describing the package in more detail including examples is coming up shortly.

A great 2017

Hi all,

First of all, a great 2017 to all of you! We are working on some awesome research projects in the coming year, so I am really looking forward to it!

However, for now I wanted to share our joint work that is presented at HICSS. Unfortunately I could not travel there myself, but our lab co-organizes a minitrack their and published some new work. We have the following contributions:

  • Parvinen, P., Kaptein, M., Pöyry, E., & Hamari, J. (2017). Introduction to Customer Analytics and Data-Led Omnichannel Commerce Minitrack.  In Proceedings of the 50th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), Hawaii, USA, January 4-7, 2017.
  • Pöyry, E., Hietaniemi, N., Parvinen, P., Hamari, J., & Kaptein, M. (2017). Personalized Product Recommendations: Evidence from the Field. In Proceedings of the 50th Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS), Hawaii, USA, January 4-7, 2017.

Finally, note that we are organizing a seminar series at JADS. For details see: http://www.jads.nl/jads-seminars.html

Wrap up update

Hi all,

Hope you are doing well! In the (probably) last post in 2016 I want to take the opportunity to thank you for reading our updates and to wish you an awesome 2017!

Here are a few minor updates:

• Robin van Emden, Davide Iannuzzi and I finally submitted a more thorough version of our recent Arxiv paper (https://arxiv.org/abs/1607.08108); we hope to be able to announce more soon!
• Together with Reza Mohammadi we are working on implementing novel sampling methods for additive regression tree models. See our response at http://projecteuclid.org/euclid.ba/1472829062. We would kindly like to thank Matthew Pratola for sharing his code with us!
• We have finally written up a full paper about StreamingBandit; we hope to be able to share it soon! (for now, see http://projecteuclid.org/euclid.ba/1472829062)
• We will be presenting new work during “Physics@Veldhoven”; see also https://www.fom.nl/agenda/physicsatveldhoven/press/
• At JADS we are starting our seminar series. On the 24th of January we will have Frank Buytendijk speaking, and on the 31st Martijn Willemsen will take the stage; we are lookking forward to the inspiring talks (http://www.jads.nl/jads-seminars.html).

Well, we will keep it at this for now. Just one final note: we are looking for PhD candidates. If you are interested, send me a mail with your resume at maurits [at] maurits kaptein [dot] com.


Paper published at Methodology

Hi all,

A quick one to share this new paper: http://dx.doi.org/10.1027/1614-2241/a000116

It’s pretty cool, so have a look!

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