Hi all,

We have a number of cool updates. First of all, we are happy to share the posters we will be presenting shortly at http://www.sigecom.org/ec17/index.html:

  1. Poster on Bootstrap Thompson Sampling (Eckles & Kaptein) – check it out here.
  2. Poster on Ultimatum Game Simulations (Kaptein) – check it out here.

Next, we are proud to present that our work on comparing operative vs. meta-judgmental measures for prediction of customer responses to persuasive messages was accepted at the Journal of Consumer Marketing (JCM). It will be in print soon, but you can find an author copy here.

Finally, I am proud to introduce two new PhD students: Xynthia Kavelaars will be working with Joris Mulder and Maurits Kaptein on a PhD project regarding Bayesian Adaptive Clinical trials, and Ylva Hendriks will be working on a joint project with Sebastiaan Peek and Prof. Inge Bongers on personalizing eHealth applications.